• State whether you are inquiring for Full Day Bridal Package (Morning X Evening) or 1/2 Bridal Package (Either Morning, Lunch or Evening) or Pre-Wedding Package,  Date of your wedding,  Time the Bride needs to be ready, your Contact number in your email.


  • A Deposit of 50% of the total amount is needed to block your actual wedding/pre wedding date and time slot.
  • Deposit can be done via electronic bank transfer or cheque at your own risk.  Email Receipt/Transaction reference once payment is done.
  • An invoice will be sent to you upon confirmation. Outstanding payment will be paid in cash or bank transferred at least ONE day in advance before actual date.


  • A Bridal Trial is to be scheduled 2-3 weeks prior to your actual wedding day after confirming your wedding gowns and wedding schedule so we can discuss more accurately about the details.
  • Trials are held strictly on weekdays, and will take about 2 – 3 hours.
  • Please prepare at least 4 – 6 pictures of your favourite makeup looks and hairstyles before your bridal trial.  Time  to  start pinning on Pinterest!
  • If you decide on not having a bridal trial,  Fret not. I am a call away and will answer any of your queries.


  • Do not go for a Facial 2 weeks prior to your wedding Day
  • If possible, Use moisturizing Facial mask everyday for One week before you go to bed before your wedding day.  If your skin is in relatively good condition, then use the mask One day before your wedding day.
  • Message me the contact number of your wedding planner/bridesmaid or anybody in charge of your wedding day in case you are too busy or uncontactable on your wedding day.


  • Your Hair must be dry before I arrive. If you are going to wash your hair, wash without using a conditioner or treatment.
  • Your Face must be clean. Do not apply any facial products such as moisturizer or serums as I will be applying ampoule onto your face. Too much products will clog the makeup.
  • Please prepare a Table, a (high) chair & Mirror, and preferably in an air condition room to facilitate a smooth makeup process.
  • Please prepare Cash for the outstanding payment.


  • All Accessories on loan have to be returned back to me within one week from your wedding day only via registered mail or via meeting up with me personally.


  • Mothers/Bridesmaids Makeup & Hairstyling: As much as I would love to do the makeovers for your Loved ones, I will usually engage other qualified Makeup Artists to help cope with the number of makeovers.
  • Complimentary Groom’s Styling is not applicable if Groom is located at a different geographical location (E.g Morning Gatecrash)
  • Bridal Trial cannot be used for other purposes (E.g to attend events). Makeup and hairstyle will be removed after each session.
  • For Pre wedding Makeup & Hairstyling package, kindly email me for more details.